5 ways to beat writer’s block – advice for children’s authors

Struggling to think of new ideas? Stories dried up? Have a look at this for some ideas on how to beat that block!


1. Read read read. Inspiration come from all around you but reading gets your mind working, it gives you ideas and it makes you see how many different approaches there are to children’s books! Writing changes all the time and what might not have been acceptable a few years or even months ago may now be the norm. Keep up to date with your competition.


2. Try ideas out with your children.You’ll be amazed at where their little minds take a story, they are far less limited by convention than us so they’re ideas are likely to be ‘out the box’ which is exactly what you want. Additionally if the ideas appeal to them the chances are other children will find the equally entertaining.


3. Get out of the house/office/work space. You won’t find inspiration looking at the same view all day (no matter how spectacular). Get out, listen, observe and soak up the world around you. Even something as mundane as doing the weekly shop can bring inspiration.


4. Always carry a notepad! Never let an idea get away and if you can write down as much as you can in that moment, personally I find once I get an idea many more will follow and often before I know it I have a story. Embrace these moments and don’t let them go to waste, if you have to pull your car over an furiously scribble in your notepad, then do it!


5. Make a change! Break your routine! Do something different. Go out for breakfast, make a meal you’ve never cooked before, climb a mountain anything that’s outside of your normal routine. Do it! Don’t become a robot! Robots don’t write go stories, not yet at least!

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